Building and refurbishment houses in Paris and the Ile de France

As a private individual, we will support you in your construction project from A to Z.

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Project manager for the building of your house

Designing plans, organizing, supervising, and coordinating the various contractors... our architecture and building firm will accompany you from the beginning to the end of your project.

As we will be jointly responsible for the building work being carried out correctly, we will assure you a quality service. Our team will supervise your site in accordance with our agreements to guarantee your construction project is carried out as planned. We will also guarantee deadlines, costs and compliance with specifications. Our firm will be the prime contractor for your project.

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Renovating and improving housing in Paris

Realizing the potential of a building and turning it into a home, hiring good craftsmen, supervising works - we will help you every step of the way. Our Parisian architecture firm provides support for apartment renovations, extending or raising a house, optimizing the interior or insulating the exterior of your home, or renovating the facade.

Our firm will meet all your needs for works on any style of house in Paris: renovating a timber house or a Haussmannian apartment, or restoring an old house etc.

House extensions by our expert architectural and construction firm

Does your house need a little more space? Do you want an extra room, an extension on several levels, or a roof elevation? We will work with you to rethink the layout, circulation, and external access to your home. Get together with our team of engineer-architects to optimize your home improvement plans. Improving, heightening, or extending a house - trust Methods Studio architects.

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